metabolic factor diet review

Metabolic Factor Diet Review – Boosting Metabolism For Life

Metabolic Factor Review

This metabolic factor review and guide will help you get to know the basics of this weight loss program. It relies on the enhancement of the natural metabolism levels by stimulating the M.A.T or metabolically active tissue in the body. Given the hype about this technique, does the Metabolic Factor work? 

You bet it does, but like any healthy living, diet, or fitness program you will need to stick with it and follow the plan to get results. Fortunately, the Metabolic Factor's clean and clear instructions make it easy and fun to follow.

You can get started right away by visiting their website. I also have a special discount for you that is automatically applied if you decide the program is right for you.

If you are detail-conscious, then my article gives you everything you need to know to get started losing weight right away.

What should you consider before choosing this weight loss plan?

The Internet is flooded with many variant diet plans. But in reality, do these plans work and provide the desired results? Do not blindly follow any diet plan simply because it is accessible on the internet. Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing any weight loss plan-

  • The rate at which you lose weight with the program- some provide quick, noticeable improvement while others work slowly and consistently
  • Your health conditions- if you have chronic health issues, heart problems, diabetes, and other such conditions, you would need a plan that accommodates the treatment of these conditions.
  • The diet and exercise changes that the plan requires you to adopt- you should check whether the recommendations are feasible based on your lifestyle

Are you a good candidate for trying the metabolic factor plan? Here are a few factors to look into-

  • Does losing weight seem next to impossible even after trying many weight loss plans and dieting? 
  • Do you have the problem of fat in your love handle, and does it measure more than an inch extra from the normal levels? 
  • Do you suffer from cellulite problems?

If you face one or more of the issues mentioned above, then it might be worth giving a shot to this metabolism enhancement plan. 

Metabolism is the process where your body breaks down the food you eat and converts it to energy. Some have a naturally slow metabolism which results in more and more fats getting deposited in the body rather than being wholly burnt. This is one major cause of weight gain and difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. So this program is designed to speed up the metabolism and regulate your weight. 

Getting to know more about what the Metabolic Factor program is?

After having earned 6 certifications in personal training, Dr. Johnny Bowden, with a Ph.D. degree in Nutrition, and a member of the American Society for Nutrition, first created the “New You in 22” program which focused on metabolism transformation as a key to losing weight. The Metabolic Factor program is the latest upgraded version of this once successful program. 

This is a comprehensive diet and fitness plan that brings you a method of losing weight and maintaining it too. Here are a few things you get when you purchase the metabolic factor program-

  • Metabolic factor blueprint for boosting IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor)
  • Progress tracker
  • metabolic factor 10-minute meals book 
  • Plenty of inspirational emails to keep your spirits high

The metabolic factor quick start guide is a brief yet precise description of what this program does for you.

Along with these, the program also gives you access to video call-based personal coaching sessions from the creator of the program, 4 times. My personal favorite among the inclusions in the list of IGF-1 boosting food items and supplements that come with the program.

As a bonus, you get the information on the exercises to avoid when you are working on improving IGF-1 levels. You also get special discounts in case you come forward and talk about your success story after using the product. 

What are the features of this fitness plan?

How does metabolic factor work? Let me answer this question to help you understand the prominent features of this brand.

The program works by naturally making use of the potential of the fat-burning hormone in your body. This is the IGF-1 hormone which has a molecular structure like insulin but acts contrary to what insulin does. Insulin signals the cells to create fats, while IGF-1 triggers the process of burning fats.

This program helps your body fine-tune the power of the two hormones in such a way that IGF-1 functions more strongly than insulin; therefore, initiating weight loss and quicker burning off the fat. This is achieved by altering your lifestyle in 5 ways. This is one place where I found this program to be different from conventional diet plans.

Often the focus is simply on a diet alone or a diet clubbed with exercises. But this one takes your weight loss program one notch up and also works on a holistic improvement of your habits. 

Metabolic Factor Targets The Following:

Healthy Eating:

This is where the IGF-1 booster food list comes into the picture. You would get a detailed guide about the list of items to avoid to keep the insulin relatively less active and allow IGF-1 to do its job. The good thing about the plan is that it doesn’t starve you of all your favorite food items. You get to include carbs in your diet, but a specific set of carbs that enhance IGF-1 activities. You can also check out the metabolic factor recipes for weight loss and IGF boosting. 


For increasing your metabolism exercise is one primary necessity. This program talks not about all physical activities in general but the right ones. You get information about appropriate routines to establish a better breaking down of the sugars you consume. The program guides you on-which ones to pick and which ones to avoid. 


Diet and exercise do not work when your body is teeming with toxins from all the unhealthy food. This is one factor that most diet plans overlook. In fact, before I got to know about the importance of detoxification for the body, I had a poor success rate even with the best fitness routines. The Metabolic Factor program addresses this issue right from the beginning. It starts with telling you how to cleanse your body deep and flush out the toxins.

Then you also get information about how to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. This helps prevent the oxidative stress that occurs on the cells when there are free radicals and toxins in the body. This is a serious problem that is also one of the major causes of premature aging signs, weak immunity, and a variety of skin problems. So the program targets providing a solution to the problem of toxins in the body. 


The program talks about how the quality of sleep matters as much as the quantity itself. Sleep disorders and poor sleeping habits are also known to cause hormonal imbalance. Without correcting your sleep, your weight loss program benefits might be going in vain. So, the program teaches you about healthy sleep habits and how to inculcate them. You would, therefore, be able to maintain healthy levels of hormones in your body. 


Even after correcting all the above channels, your weight loss efforts might go to waste if you accumulate too much stress. Metabolic factor seals the last loophole in weight loss shut by telling you the importance of tackling stress which is a leading cause of weight loss. Too much stress can also make your metabolism rate go haywire. This is one reason why people with a lot of stress find it difficult to maintain their weight even if they eat tiny portions. 

After learning how this program works, I am sure you are eager to know in detail about what the plan brings to you. 

The quick start guide is an 11-page description that sheds light on the fundamentals. This would prepare you mentally for the journey that lies ahead. 

The Metabolic Factor Blueprint is also available for sale as an eBook on various e-commerce sites. This one gives you detailed information about how you should go about with this program. You also learn how to tune your body to burn fat more efficiently by altering the hormonal activities slightly. It reiterates the importance of having a healthy metabolism. 

The progress tracker is one of my personal favorites and also the favorite of many who have followed this program. It helps you keep a close watch on your diet and exercise habits. It helps you track the hits and misses and know where you are in terms of reaching your fitness goals.

This gives you time to pause and peek into how your body has been transforming and the kind of changes that you should incorporate in the coming days. There is a daily calendar to keep you on your toes every single day after you start this program. 

There is one other popular item in the package, and that is the meal list. This one comes with some of the most delicious recipes. I have tried many of them. They are so tasty that it is hard to believe that they are part of a weight loss plan. Not many weight loss diets give you a tasty alternative for your junk food cravings.

One of the best things here is that these recipes are healthy everyday meals. There are no side effects and restrictions on preparing and consuming them. There are many family-friendly choices. Therefore you would not have to worry about spending extra time cooking for your family or something else when you are on a weight loss diet. There are recipes that even the smaller members of the family would love. 

Another great thing about this recipe list is that most of them are made with everyday ingredients. Most of these are what you find easily in grocery stores. There aren’t many exotic hard-to-find items to add. There are no fancy meal preparation gadgets that you would have to buy for preparing these dishes. 

If the effect of any of these happens to fade on you, then the motivational emails sent out as a bonus would bring you back on track. You would also get useful tips on how to make the plan work better for you. 

What are the benefits of following the metabolic factor diet?

  1. You get all the materials included in the package as soft copies. These are instantly delivered to your account. Therefore, you get to start the program right from the moment you make the payment. 
  2. The program is self-driven and easy to follow. You do not have to worry about time constraints. As the materials are available for download, you can read them during your commute or whenever you are free. There are also the coaching sessions that the creator offers, which are added perks to this program. 
  3. If you are like me, someone who doesn’t understand too much of the fitness and health jargon and medical terms, then you would love the content offered. There is an inherent simplicity in the materials that I fell in love with. There are clear instructions that are easy to follow. The overall design of the program is excellent. You get a clear picture of what to do and what not to do from day 1. 
  4. There is a comprehensive quiz that you can take up before paying for the program. This one comes with fundamental questions about your weight problems, your diet and exercise levels, and more. By answering these questions, you would be able to get a tailored report on how to start with weight management. After this, you can proceed to make the payment for the program.
  5. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee offered. This gives you a significantly large window to experience the effects of the program. If you do not like the features or if you don’t seem to observe any noticeable changes, then you can initiate a refund. This makes it easy for skeptical users to gain more confidence in the program by actually accessing the features and materials provided. 
  6. The purchase protection offered for online transactions is an attribute that deserves a special mention. So, you know that your financial information is secure and that your money goes through secure channels. 
  7. The steps involved in getting into the program are pretty simple. Once you take the quiz, you can head on to the order page. You would have to fill in your contact information and your card details. Before clicking the ‘pay’ button, you also get a glimpse of what you would be getting. The price split up makes it easy to understand that this is justified pricing. 
  8. With his experience in the field of nutrition and personal fitness training, the creator of this program has good knowledge about the typical weight loss mistakes that people make. With this, he has curated a big list of don’t’s and do’s in weight loss. 
  9. The resources on improving sleep and fighting stress are unique features. You would not find many weight loss programs touching these areas. So, I found this one to be a more dependable option for the long term. It doesn’t compromise on your health or immunity to bring your weight down. This is one significant difference between this weight loss plan and the others. Many come with diet habits that can damage your health permanently and make you feel weak. This could also be a reason why you do not feel motivated to go back to those routines. 
  10. The weight loss here doesn’t follow unhealthy shortcuts. The method aims at giving your body the apt catalysts that can boost the right weight loss hormone levels and provide the desired results. It tunes the body to burn fats, and therefore, it becomes a long-term pattern for the body. So, you would not face the problem of putting on weight by merely bending the rules for a day. 

Social Proof

As always, I hunted for all the metabolic factor reviews I could find, on social media sites, weight loss forum discussions, and other places. Here are some of the positive things that customers talk about after personally having benefited from the program-

People talk about how they shed a considerable amount of weight and also reduce their waist size just within a week after following the program. There are good reviews about how this program works its magic without starving you.

There are very positive reviews, particularly about the metabolic factor recipes. Unlike conventional diet plans that put you on bland food items, this one gives you healthy alternatives which do not compromise on the taste. 

And yes, I did find a few metabolic factor negative reviews. These were predominantly about how some of the supplements suggested are too sweet. Some feel that this one works very much like keto diet plans and provides slow results.

But then, every person’s body reacts differently to different diets and fitness regimes. There are more positive reviews than bad ones. This plan doesn’t push you to follow an inspiring diet routine, and that is a great place to start with.

Are there any alternatives worth considering?

While there are many weight loss and fitness plans that focus on metabolism today here are 2 other credulous ones I found. 

Metabolic Renewal

This one puts women’s hormone levels as the primary focus. It comes with a full-fledged diet plus an exercise plan. I found this one to be more focused on the metal preparation of the woman first and then slowly taking her into the program itself. If you are a lady, then Metabolic Renewal is well worth a look.

Dr.Oz 7 Day Miracle Plan for metabolism

This one gives you a different fitness goal to follow each day for 7 days in total. 

Metabolic FactorMetabolic Renewal 7-Day Miracle Plan
This one is suitable for people of all age groupsIt is predominantly focused on helping women who gain weight due to hormone problems This program works well for middle-aged men and women who are suffering from weight gain issues
This one was created by Johnny BowdenIt was designed by Dr. Jade Teta. It was curated by Dr. Oz
It works by channeling your body’s hormones making the fat-burning hormones more influential This one works by addressing women’s hormonal imbalance-related issues. This, in turn, has a strong effect on metabolism. This method also relies on stimulating the growth hormone-like Metabolic Factor Here you would be getting tips on speeding up the metabolism and also cutting down the calories slowly. The one-goal-a-day design makes things doable. 
It improves your diet, exercises, and sleep and also helps detoxify the body and tackle stress.It relies on the 4M’s mindset, movement, meals, and metabolism. The first step brings your hormones to a balanced level and the second step comprises exercises to burn fat. The third one increases the intensity of your workouts while the final step helps you synchronize all these changes. It helps you understand your metabolism. Cut down a small 100 calories a day boost protein intake increase the frequency of your meals include caffeine to elevate metabolismAdd zinc supplements quick bursts of physical exercises 

If you do not want to get into any programs yet but wish to learn about metabolism in general, then you can also check out the book Metabolic Aftershock by Jade Teta. This is a book that gives you a crash course on exercises that help you burn fat. This is again achieved by enhancing your metabolism. It talks about spending 15 minutes each day to tone your muscles and also to burn fat by practicing 3 days a week. 

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for a comprehensive fitness plan that doesn’t just alter your diet but also your lifestyle habits on the whole, then the Metabolic Factor is one of the best choices out there. The consistent results that this 22-day program offer makes this one of my favorites.

The long-term effects on the metabolism make it possible to quickly bounce back in shape even if you do give in once in a while. There are so many delectable recipes that fall within the plan that you might not find the need to break the rule. It helps you lose weight and also maintain it within a healthy range. 

Get instant access to the Metabolic Factor program here and kick the fad diet bandwagon to the side. Health and vitality are right here in front of you.