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What Is The Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type Quiz?

Everything You Need To Know About The Metabolic Renewal Quiz

The Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type Quiz is designed to identify your primary metabolic hormone type by guiding you through a short series of the menstrual cycle, metabolism, age, and health-related questions.

Completing the quiz also gives you instant access to a video hosted by Dr. Jade Teta who explains how his hormone-focused body change program, Metabolic Renewal, can help change your body for life.

If you are in a hurry, you can take the (free) Metabolic Renewal quiz right here. It takes only a couple of minutes to complete and it’s free. If you are on the fence or just need a little more background, let’s take a look here.

How And Where To Take The Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type Quiz

You can take the quiz here, but before you get started, I want to share what to expect while answering questions and the outcome of your results. 

Here is how it works

  1. The Quiz will guide you through a series of questions related to your menstrual cycle, hormones, and the overall status of your health
  2. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire
  3. The Questions are multiple-choice
  4. There are no wrong answers, but do your best to answer as best you can
  5. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you will be given a metabolic hormone type
  6. You will gain access to a video where Dr. Jade Teta tells you how to improve your metabolism for your hormone type.

What Do The Quiz Answers Mean?

Please note that the quiz will tell you what your metabolic hormone type “might” be. The quiz is not meant to be some sort of be-all-end-all diagnosis. Instead, the results indicate a starting point for your journey to losing weight and living healthier.

As you move along over time and you see improvements in the right direction, your plan will change. 

The Metabolic Renewal program will see to that. It’s by design that your metabolism-boosting plan is tailored to “you”. Mr. Teta provides the following perspective about your results and how you should perceive them.

A Quote From Dr. Jade Teta About Your Hormone Type Quiz Results:

“We humans can be funny creatures, and whenever someone says we are a particular “type” we get attached to that and start to believe it as gospel. This is the wrong way to view your hormone type. In reality, there is no great or definitive science that tells us what type you are. These types are just a clinical tool that I (and other doctors) use to help our patients get a general idea of how their metabolisms are operating at the current moment.”

Dr. Jade Teta

Quiz Answers: 1 of 6 Metabolic Hormone Types

Hormone Type #Menstrual CycleHormone Type
1Normal Menstrual CycleEstrogen and progesterone balanced
2Normal Menstrual CycleEstrogen dominant
3Normal Menstrual CycleProgesterone deficient
4Normal Menstrual CycleEstrogen and progesterone deficient
5PerimenopauseEstrogen high or fluctuating and progesterone deficient
6MenopauseEstrogen deficient and progesterone deficient
Metabolic Renewal Hormone Types

We’ve detailed each of the Metabolic Renewal Hormone types here to give you insight into what they represent and answers to Dr. Jade Teta’s point of view.

What To Do Next?

Now that you have a better understanding of what the quiz is and what the answers will tell you go ahead and click the link below to get access.

If anything, getting access to Dr. Teta’s free video at the end will help you decide what to do next. You will have a much clearer idea of what lies ahead and how to get there. Ultimately, action is up to you, but this I hope helps set you off on the right path to weight loss success.

Click here for the FREE quiz to determine your metabolic hormone type to determine how to lose weight and keep it off.


What is Metabolic Renewal

Metabolic Renewal is a video series course that helps optimize female metabolism to convert your body into a fat-burning machine not only to lose weight but live a healthier life. The course is easy for anyone of any age to follow. 

It’s packed with actionable healthy living advice and practices. The workouts are short but effective, and the healthy eating plan is simple, nutritious, and won’t leave you wanting for other less healthy foods.

Dr. Jade Teta outlines exactly what to do to help lose weight by adapting your hormone type by adjusting four things known as the 4Ms: metabolic workouts, meals, mindset, and movement to work best with your body. You can read my full review here.

Who Is Dr. Jade Teta?

Jade Teta is the author and creator of the Metabolic Renewal program, which is the first and only doctor-created hormone-focused ever developed specifically for women.  

He has over 25 years of experience in health and fitness with a focus on helping women determine their metabolic hormone type and developing structured plans to help them lose weight and keep it off with Metabolic Renewal. Dr. Jade Teta’s full bio.

Top 8 Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism

Here are a handful of actions and one bonus tip that you can put to work right away to wake up your metabolism and burn fat for the long run. 

  1. Eat good, clean meals. Especially breakfast
  2. Go easy on carbohydrates and go with more protein
  3. Get some better rest and sleep
  4. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  5. Exercise with commitment. Consistency is key
  6. Try some green tea.
  7. Stop stuffing yourself at dinner
  8. Shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store to steer clear of processed foods

Bonus Tip:

  1. Have a plan. Don’t go at this willy-nilly in an ad hoc fashion. You need a road to follow and guidance to get there. The Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type Quiz can help you get off to a great start and help see you through. 

Take the Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type Quiz now. It's quick, it's easy, and it's free. It might just be what you are looking for to help you on your weight loss journey. Best of luck and wishes to you!