what are metabolic renewal workouts

What Are The Metabolic Renewal Workouts?

Are The Metabolic Renewal Workouts Real? 

The Metabolic Renewal workouts are the exercises included with the Metabolic Renewal diet program. They aren't intense workouts, but they boost metabolism to make the Metabolic Renewal diet more effective.

One question that would-be dieters ask is, “What are Metabolic Renewal workouts?”. Do they work? What are they like? Start by reading this review on the Metabolic Renewal program, then read on here to see what to expect from the workouts.

What Is A Metabolic Workout?

 Workouts that carry the “metabolic” tag vary in their intent and results. They all seek to enhance their metabolism to optimize weight and fat loss. Some claim to burn fat and build muscle. These are more intense workouts than you'll see in Metabolic Renewal.

Metabolic Renewal isn't a strength training or bodybuilding program. It's different. If you read our post about it, you'll see that it takes a different path to weight and fat loss. 

To answer the question:

A metabolic workout is designed not to burn calories but to enhance the metabolism so the body can effectively burn calories and fat, even while the body is at rest.

How Do The Metabolic Renewal Workouts Work?

A better question would be, “How can I renew my metabolism?”. Because that's how the Metabolic Renewal workouts function. You see, our modern diets and sedentary lifestyles destroy our metabolisms. 

We've gotten so far away from how we are supposed to feed ourselves and exercise that our metabolisms just kind of fell flat. The result is weight gain and fat accumulation. It's an epidemic.

These exercises re-balance the body's hormones and unlock the body's cells' ability to burn fat. They, along with the nutritional aspect of the program, bring everything back in line. That way, your body functions as it was designed to.

What Are The Metabolic Renewal Workouts Like?

This is a 12-week program. The workouts are broken down into four phases. Each phase is a bit different from the others, but none of them are incredibly intense. 

There are only three different workouts, labeled as A, B, and C. They are spaced throughout the week, with other exercises on each workout day and a long walk on each non-workout day. Each workout is followed by a “burnout walk” as well.

 Let's take a look at each of those four phases.

Phase One: Weeks 1-3

The workouts here are meant to harmonize your hormonal balance and prime your body for weight loss. The exercises are really gentle. You may not even break a sweat. Think of it like yoga, but with more actual movement. Anyone can do these exercises.

Phase Two: Weeks 4-6

So, phase one brought your hormones into a better balance. That's crucial for any metabolic workout. What's next? This is where it starts to get really interesting.

Phase two, Inspire, awakens your body's cellular mechanisms. What does that mean? While phase one set your hormones straight, step two triggers your body's cells to burn fat for fuel. 

That's right, your body will tend to burn fat to work. This is where so many other diets fail. They starve you, so your body wants to store as much fat as possible to survive. But here, your body starts to see fat not as survival fuel storage but as a viable energy source.

Phase Three: Weeks 7-9

When you start phase three of the workouts, you're halfway through the program. At this point, your hormones are in balance, and your body is burning fat for fuel. Now it's time to kick it up a few notches.

The workouts get more intense here, but you won't be pushing yourself to the limit. It's still pretty gentle, and everyone who completed the first two phases should be able to handle this one.

The idea is to enhance the burn since your body is now in the game. Your metabolism is chugging along nicely, possibly more efficiently than it ever has, and you're ready to kick the fat loss into high gear. This is where you'll really start to see the results.

Phase Four: Weeks 10-12

So, your metabolism is humming, and your cells are torching fat. What's left? There's just one thing left to do. You have to signal your body to release human growth hormone. HGH plays a crucial role in weight and fat loss. You'll need it to reach your goals.

The movements are a bit more intense than in phase three, but you can do it. The previous nine weeks will have conditioned your muscles to the point where they can handle a little more work. 

And all that walking will have given you that extra bit of endurance that you'll need to complete these last three weeks. 

Women who have completed this program often express surprise that they could dial up the intensity as directed. You'll get into shape.

What Can You Eat During The Metabolic Renewal Workout Phases?

This is a legitimate question, and it's one you're likely to be asking if you read about the program using the above link. 

What is the Metabolic Renewal diet? As I mentioned above, it isn't a strict calorie restriction for months on end. It's better described as a different way to look at food. 

The workouts are designed to awaken your metabolism, and the diet aims to do the same thing. 

Women have different hormone types. That's why the program begins with the Metabolic Renewal Quiz. It tells you what your hormone profile is. Then you follow the Metabolic Roadmap that will work best with your unique body. 

Your eating plan will differ from that of many other women on the program. You may be allowed a lot of starches or even extra meals. Then again, starches and other carbs may be restricted during certain times of your monthly cycle.


What are the Metabolic Renewal workouts?

They are gentle routines geared more toward balancing your hormones and training your body to burn fat than they are toward causing a calorie deficit.

Together with the Metabolic Renewal program's other aspects, the workouts can harmonize your entire body to burn calories more efficiently.

If you can walk and do some light home and yard work, you can do these workouts.

Be sure to check out our other posts on Dr. Jade Teta's Metabolic Renewal. We've laid it all out for you, so you can decide if you want to give it a go.

Did I miss something? Ask any questions you have below. We'll be glad to help.