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What Are The 7 Metabolic Renewal Hormone Types?

The Metabolic Renewal Hormone Types Demystified

The first question most people have after taking the Metabolic Renewal Quiz is: What are the Metabolic Renewal hormone types? Each type reflects a unique profile of hormones that affect metabolism. 

They are the starting point on the Metabolic Roadmap. Your hormone type will change, possibly quite often, throughout your life. These changes are triggered by age, stress and activity levels, and many other factors. 

How about we cut through the detailed descriptions and medical jargon and learn what these hormone types are and what they mean in the real world?

Metabolic Renewal And The Hormone Types

For more detailed information about how you can narrow in on your hormone type to take advantage of the weight loss potential taught in the Metabolic Renewal program either take their free quiz to get started losing weight today or read our in-depth review.

Type 1: Mixed-Signal Hormone Type

Women with this hormone type have normal menstrual cycles and a normal balance between estrogen and progesterone.

During the first half of the menstrual cycle, estrogen keeps stress more or less at bay. But there is a drop off in this hormone’s levels in the second half of the cycle. This causes problematic reactions to stress. 

If you’re thinking about stress eating, you’re on the right track. Eating releases secondary hormones that reduce the feelings of stress. You can see how women in this hormone profile may have trouble keeping their weight off.

Estrogen dominates the first 14 days of the cycle. The important thing about that is that the estrogen helps keep fat from forming. Counting calories and carbs is still essential, but you have more wiggle room than gals of other hormone types.

The last 14 days of the cycle present a unique problem. While estrogen drops off, progesterone increases. That’s why it’s called a mixed-signal hormone type. Progesterone makes the body shift toward fat accumulation mode. This is the time when you’ll gain weight.

 It’s vital to deal constructively with stress during the progesterone-dominant half of the cycle here. Meditation helps. The Metabolic Renewal exercises also help to melt stress away. And the light cardio may burn the fat that does appear.

Type 2: Hormone Overdrive Metabolism

The critical difference between this type and type one is that it’s estrogen-dominant. You may be thinking that means that it’s easy to maintain a healthy weight and slim build, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Your body will be used to the estrogen throughout your cycle.

The interesting thing here is this is sometimes not a natural state. All of that extra estrogen may actually be environmental toxins that mimic estrogen in the body. 

Certain plastics are well-known to be full of these toxins. But it doesn’t matter whether all this extra estrogen is naturally occurring or artificial. Managing your estrogen surplus is key to staying fit.

Metabolic Renewal exercises are an excellent way to encourage an optimal balance of estrogen and other hormones. You can at least override the effects that an imbalance has on your metabolism. 

Remember that whatever hormone profile you have now isn’t necessarily the one you’ll have forever. Good metabolism-changing programs like those in the Metabolic X family can ease you into a hormone type that allows you to shed fat much more straightforwardly. 

What can’t be changed can be dealt with. This type of program works with your hormones, which is one area where so many others fail.

At this point on the Metabolic Roadmap, relatively gentle exercise is prescribed. Think medium-intensity interval training and smooth yoga-like movements.

You’ll still experience an uptick in progesterone levels during the second half of your cycle, so you’ll want to be especially careful during this time. Be aware of the damaging effects of stress eating and the depression that affects some women. Staying active will burn extra calories and reduce depression.

Type 3: Hormone Shortfall Metabolism

Progesterone deficiency is the hallmark of this hormone type. This shortfall is apparent throughout the cycle, but it may be worse in the first half. Estrogen tends to dominate the first half of any menstrual period, and that’s true here as well.

Anxiety and depression, even if in their milder forms, are common in women of this type. That’s a one-two punch that can be a severe hindrance to healthy living in many different ways. 

The low energy of depression can keep you from getting enough exercise. The bad nerves caused by anxiety can cause overeating. And then the two of those together may synergize to make losing weight or keeping it off feel impossible. But it isn’t.

You can expect to do a lot of stress management exercises if you fall into this hormone type. That’s because excess stress causes a drop in progesterone, the hormone which you are already lacking.

Type 4: Ovarian Burnout Metabolism

The hormonal profile of women in this group is low in both key chemical signals. The goal for this crew in Metabolic Renewal is a better balance of the two. That involves getting better sleep. And we’re not just talking about more rest. That’s part of it, but the sleep you do get has to better impact your body.

Regular exercise is key to restoring hormonal balance. All of that’s covered in the Metabolic Renewal program. But the interesting thing about this hormone profile is the meal plan that’s aimed at reducing stress. 

It appears to involve small carb-rich snacks. That may seem odd for a program that is meant to make you healthier. Still, the idea is to keep your body fueled, so it releases less cortisone, that stress hormone that causes fat to accumulate where you least want it.

Much of the program for those in this group is centered around keeping cortisol low, or at least in reasonable balance. In fact, everyone who works through the Metabolic Renewal program will learn how to deal with stress. 

The biggest lesson you’re going to learn is that emotional and physical stress causes weight gain and makes it harder to maintain a healthy weight and BMI.

Type 5: Metabolic Sputter Metabolism

Most of the women who end up in this category are perimenopausal. They’re just starting the transition into menopause, in other words. At this time, many women have very high or fluctuating levels of estrogen and low progesterone. 

The fluctuation of estrogen causes the metabolic rate to jump all over the map. It can be a real challenge to eat healthy because your body is continually guessing.

Exercise is important for everyone, but it is crucial not to overdo it here. The idea is to keep cortisol low because any change in physical activity will trigger a flood of this hormone. And that’s bad because it makes your body want to prepare for a stressful situation, like famine. 

It’s impossible to maintain a healthy body in this state. You have to work with your hormones. Gentle movement burns calories speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel better and look good without stressing you too much.

Expect plenty of light intensity interval training. LIIT is gentle, and there are plenty of breaks in the routines. That’s important because more breaks allow you to push harder when you need to. 

Any good personal trainer will tell you that breaks are an essential part of any workout. Even professional bodybuilders take several breaks during their daily exercise routines.

The dietary focus of this group is fiber and protein. Too many carbs only add to the erratic jumps and drops of estrogen. 

Hydration is critical as well. You’ll be encouraged to watch your electrolyte intake, which is a good idea for everyone anyway. Without a proper balance of salts, all the water in the world will do no good.

Type 6: Ovarian Fatigue Metabolism

Menopause brings changes to every part of the body. Levels of both estrogen and progesterone drop significantly. This puts the body under a ton of stress. The metabolism swings in rhythm with whatever hormone balance the body happens to be in on any given day.

Managing stress is super important for women of all hormone types. But it is the number one thing in this one. You’ll learn how to get better sleep. But best of all, you’ll be introduced to the power nap. 

These 10 to 20-minute naps during the day will keep you exhausted from flooding your body with cortisol.

 What kind of exercise should you expect? Leisurely strolls through the park, fun dancing, and light yoga are all included. It’s more like periods of activity than a workout.

You’ll learn how to eat carbs sensibly. If you don’t get enough carbs at this point in your life, your body will get stressed out. Too many carbs will cause your insulin levels to spike, which can cause some profound fat accumulation. You have to eat a well-balanced diet.

The good news is that, even though it may feel like your head is spinning due to the changes that your body is going through, your hormone levels will likely soon find the right balance. Think of “the change” as a transition to something better, at least as far as your metabolism goes.

Type 7: Ovarian Shutdown Metabolism

In this phase, estrogen and progesterone pretty much bottom out. Menopause is over, and you’re in post-menopause.

Your estrogen level is probably at the lowest point ever. That means that you’ll be more sensitive to carbs than you’ve ever been. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any carbs. You need them. 

Stress is still a significant factor, and a deficit of carbohydrates will send your stress hormones through the roof. The right balance of carbs and fiber will prevent insulin spikes.

The exercise part involves walking and just staying active. But you must get this exercise every day if you’re physically able to. Now, more than ever, your body is trying to determine if it needs to store fat. 

Staying active and eating regular balanced meals is the way to tell it that it can burn all the fuel it wants to, and there’s no need to store energy in the form of fat.


“What are the metabolic renewal hormone types” isn’t the only question people have.

How Do I Find Out My Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type?

You have to take the Metabolic Renewal Quiz. It’s free, you can do it on your phone or PC, and there’s no obligation to buy anything. At the very least, you’ll be able to make sense of your hormone type. But you’ll need ave to start with the quiz if you decide to work in the Metabolic Renewal program.

What Is Metabolic Renewal?

It’s a dietary and lifestyle program designed by a doctor for women who want to lose weight and lead healthier lives. Click here to see the full review of the program.

What Is the Metabolic Factor?

Metabolic Factor is a different program by Dr. Jade Teta. It’s similar to Metabolic Renewal, but it is suitable for men too.

What Are Three Types Of Metabolism?

You’ve got ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Ectomorphs are typically thin and flat-chested with a high metabolism. Most women fall into the mesomorph category, which is populated by average-sized women with average metabolism rates. Endomorphs have the most trouble losing weight because of their sluggish metabolisms. 

What Are Metabolic Renewal Workouts?

These are the workouts included in the Metabolic Renewal program. They’re generally 15-minute sets of movements that combine aspects of low-impact cardio and light fitness training. The goal of these workouts is to rev the metabolism.


Now you know what the Metabolic Renewal types are. But have you taken the quiz yet? Once you know that, you’ll be able to get a better look at how Metabolic Renewal can work for you. 

The program presents the challenges posed by every hormone type in an easy-to-understand way. And it lays out a diet and exercise program that will work with your hormones to help keep you healthy in your new lifestyle. Click here to read more about the short quiz that determines your hormone type to identify the best weight loss plan for you.

If you are interested in taking the quiz so that you can start on your weight loss plan right away, then you can do that by going directly to it.                     

What's Next?

If you are short on time and just want to get started losing weight right away, then visit the Metabolic Renewal website and take their short free quiz to get instant access to your hormone-type weight loss plan and start sliming your figure today.