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What Is The Metabolic Factor Quiz? How To Take It

The Metabolic Factor Quiz – Everything You Need To Know

The Metabolic Factor Quiz is a doctor-developed survey that determines the taker’s fat-burning type.

When the subject of metabolic diets comes up, people often talk about their Metabolic Factor Quiz results. So what is the Metabolic Factor Quiz? It’s a free online test that tells you your fat-burning type so you can optimize your metabolism and lose weight. Do you wanna know how it works and whether it's worth your time to take it?

Let’s dive in.

How The Metabolic Factor Quiz Works

You’ve probably taken several online quizzes before. Some tell you whether or not you’re psychotic, what your political leanings are, and what kind of life partner you should look for. They’re pretty entertaining. But this quiz may be life-changing.

You’ll be asked some pretty basic information about your age, gender, eating habits, lifestyle, and fitness goals. All of the answers are multiple-choice, and you won’t really have to think about how to answer.

Immediately upon completing the quiz, you’ll learn your fat-burning type and be given an opportunity to see a customized diet plan that was generated for people with your type of metabolism. You’ll see what kind of obstacles have been or will be in your way on the road to a healthier weight.

If you want to jump in right now and start your weight loss and healthy living lifestyle, then just take the Metabolic Factor Quiz. It takes only a minute or two to learn how to get started off on the right foot and stick to the path.

What Are The Four Fat-Burning Types?

Some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce. Others have to be very careful about what they eat, or they’ll be struggling to work off that donut for weeks. What’s the difference between these two types of people?

It’s all about metabolism. Your unique metabolism determines how your body processes its fuel intake. That fuel can be turned into energy right away, or your body may want to convert it to fat and hang on to it in case of an emergency famine. Understanding how your body deals with the food you eat is key to losing weight.

Fat-Burning Type 1

At this level, the body wants to burn simple carbs as energy. It wants to hold on to fat. Even worse, it wants to convert as much carbohydrate into fat as it can. This is what we call a “slow” metabolism. This would be great if you were stuck on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific, but it can be a pain in the real world.

Do you have low energy? Is it really hard to lose that extra weight around your midsection or butt? If so, you’re probably at level one right now.

Fat-Burning Type 2

People with a level 2 fat-burning type have a slightly higher metabolism than those at level 1, but they still have those carb cravings. And they still often struggle to lose weight. That’s because their bodies are only getting about 20 percent of their energy from fat. The rest comes from carbs. This turns into a seemingly endless cycle of unproductive exercise, carb cravings, and disappointing dieting attempts.

If you’re currently at this level, you may have tried dozens of diets over the years, but only lose a pound or two here and there.

Fat-Burning Type 3

Folks at this level usually don’t have too much trouble dropping a few pounds after the holidays or whenever they need to. Their bodies can shift into fat-burning mode whenever it needs to. Up to half of their energy can come from fat.

People with a type 3 fat-burning type can lose fat and extra weight, but they sometimes complain that they want quick results.

Fat-Burning Type 4

These are the people that many of us envy. They don’t seem to gain a pound, ever. And if they do, it comes off without any problems. When they restrict carbs in their diets, their bodies almost immediately go into fat-burning mode and take up to 80 percent of their energy from fat.

What Is The Metabolic Factor Diet?

No discussion of the Metabolic Factor Quiz would be complete without a quick review of the actual Metabolic Factor diet. The quiz is essentially a starting point that determines whether or not the Metabolic Factor diet is the best one for you. More importantly, the quiz lays out a customized roadmap that will lead you down the best metabolic pathway to weight loss.

The Metabolic Factor diet was developed by Dr. Jonny Bowden to help those who just can’t seem to burn fat with any efficiency. That’s those of us sitting at levels 1, 2, or maybe 3. Read up on Dr. Jonny here. He’s an interesting and dedicated sort of fella.

The typical diet will tell you to avoid carbs and fat. The typical metabolic diet will have you eat certain foods at certain times to rev your metabolism and make losing fat and weight easier and quicker. That’s fine. But every good diet has an angle, and this one’s no different.

The Metabolic Factor diet focuses on MATs and IGF-1. MATs, metabolically active tissues, release key hormones and hormonal signalers that tell your body it’s time to burn some fat for energy. IGF-1, an insulin-like growth factor, is one of those hormonal signalers. It fits into your body’s cells down on a molecular level like a key. Once your cells are unlocked, so to speak, they will torch fat for fuel.

You can learn a lot more about the Metabolic Factor diet here, but for now, let’s put it a different way. Insulin is the key that unlocks your cells’ ability to burn sugar, or simple carbs. IGF-1 is the key that unlocks your cells’ ability to burn fat. That got your attention, didn’t it? It sure got mine. Understanding this is how I lost my love handles years ago.

But that is an almost cartoonish simplification of a very delicate and complicated cellular process. Here’s what you need to know. If you unlock your body’s ability to burn fat for energy, you will almost certainly lose fat and weight.

What Are The 3 Metabolic Types?

There are three generally accepted metabolic types. They loosely correspond to the four fat-burning types that we talked about above. Understanding these metabolic types may help you to understand the fat-burning types and avoid some of the confusion that some people have regarding the similarities and differences.

Endomorphic Metabolism Type

Endomorphs usually fall into fat-burning type 1. They are “big-boned,” and store every bit of fat that they can. Endomorphs sometimes think that they’re just big people and can’t lose weight no matter what.

Mesomorphic Metabolism Type

Here are most of our fat-burning types 2 and 3 people. Some have difficulty losing weight, and they may feel sluggish a lot of the time. Others may be pretty active and can lose weight with some serious effort and a strict diet.

Ectomorphic Metabolism Type

These are the aforementioned people who don’t often have to diet because they just don’t gain weight. And when they do, it comes off pretty easily. Still, ectomorphs often look for faster and more dependable ways to shed pounds.

What Is The Best Metabolic Diet?

By now, you have a good idea of how metabolic diets work. They take a different path than most of the calorie-restrictive diets that saturate the internet.

You may be wondering what is the best metabolic diet. The truth is that I just don’t know what will work for you. There are several different paths you may take, and they all start with a quiz. Invest some time learning about all of the different metabolic diets I’ve written about for you.

Your metabolism is just as unique as your face. But unlike your face, your metabolism may change as you age and transition into different phases of your life. Finding success in losing weight requires an understanding of your metabolism and these changing life phases. That’s where quizzes like the Metabolic Factor Quiz come in.


Well, you started out asking what is the Metabolic Factor Quiz. And now you have a good idea as to how certain hormone signalers play a role in fat loss. I hope you enjoyed the journey.

Go ahead and take the quiz. It costs nothing, takes only a couple of minutes, and it can be the start of a healthy lifestyle change that you’ve only dreamed about. Even if you don’t want to go forward with the customized metabolic diet plan that you’ll be presented with after taking the quiz, you’ll learn so much about how your unique body processes fat and carbs.

Take the Metabolic Factor quiz to learn how you can lose weight without fussing about fad diets and grueling exercise.

Did you take a break from reading this post and take the quiz? Most of you have. Tell us about your results below. And go ahead and hit us up with any questions you have in the comments.