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What Does The Metabolic Living Company Do?

What Is Metabolic Living?

Have you heard of The Metabolic Living Company? A lot of people ask us about them. Although we're not affiliated with that company, we've reviewed many of their programs and products here. Now we'll take a deeper dive into the company itself.

The Programs

Metabolic Living, formerly known as Natural Health Sherpa, has developed several diet and exercise programs designed to help its members lose weight, enjoy better immunity, gain muscle or just get into overall better health. The common thread that runs through all of these programs is Metabolic optimization.

Here's a quick rundown of the four programs they currently offer.

Metabolic Renewal is a program, designed by a doctor, that helps women lose weight by bringing their metabolism back to where it should be according to their stage of life and specific hormone type. It's beneficial for all women who want to get healthier and have more energy.

Metabolic Factor is a program that uses a metabolic diet to enhance levels of a key growth hormone, IGF-1. It is 22 days in duration and boasts a high rate of success. Check it out if you want to lose fat and weight.

Metabolic Prime triggers certain hormones for losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. It's a good program for most people who want to sculpt their bodies for a better physique.

Metabolic Aftershock is made for people who just can't seem to lose fat. It's a nine-week program that retrains the metabolism in favor of burning fat for energy. Many who have failed with traditional diets have found success with this one.

Take a look at our review of each of these programs to get a good understanding of how they work, what you can expect from them, and whether or not they're best for you.

What Is It

People hear about this company and ask us if it is trustworthy. The answer is a bit more complicated than yes or no because this is not a new company. It's basically a rebrand.

Natural Health Sherpa has been around for a while. It was founded in 2010 with the goal of presenting natural pathways to better health. There's a lot more to it than diet and exercise.

When I first scrutinized Natural Health Sherpa, years ago, I was immediately impressed with the lineup of doctors, naturopaths, researchers, and natural health writers that headed the company up.

The Sherpa grew by leaps and bounds, mostly due to the fact that their products and programs worked.

Enter Something A Little New

The company came about in 2020. Check out their site here(LINK). Those four main metabolic programs are listed there. You'll also find natural protein shakes and supplements there.

Think of ut as a simplified rebrand of Natural Health Sherpa. All of Sherpa's programs and products related to healthy metabolic living now call this new company home.

What People Say

There are thousands of reviews of the company online. They're overwhelmingly positive.

As mentioned before, the products and metabolic programs are effective for most people when they're used and followed as directed. If you spend any time reading these customer reviews, you'll see that most lose weight and enjoy better health than they did before. That kind of effectiveness is what built the Sherpa in the beginning.

You won't find any complaints about hidden fees or credit card disasters. That's great because the natural health product industry seems to be rife with misleading auto-shipment agreements, hidden processing fees, and the like. You won't have to deal with this company.

They have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. An excellent BBB rating is not a complete picture of a company's trustworthiness, but it does show that the company responds to and resolves any issues to the customer's satisfaction. It's also an indication that there are no gimmicky sales tactics involved. Such a high rating is actually very impressive for this type of company.

Perhaps we should talk for a minute about their customer service. Quite a few of their customers have.

Their customer care center can be reached by email or phone. They seem to be highly responsive and dedicated to customer satisfaction. This type of focus on the customer has been pretty rare in all industries over the past twenty years or so. It's refreshing to see a place that answers their phones and returns emails so quickly.

They offer Metabolic Optimization Coaches for individuals who need more of a one-on-one approach than a purchased program can offer. I paid special attention to this because I wanted to make sure that people got what they paid for. Online reviews rave about the helpfulness, encouragement, and responsiveness of these health professionals. And it seems like those who went with a personal coach had better success.

They offer several different guarantees with their programs. But everyone does, don't they? Not everyone honors them, though. But, in case you haven't guessed, they actually do stand behind their claims and guarantees. Most of the very few complaints I was able to find against them centered around someone not getting their money back for this reason or that. But no one should expect a refund for an illegitimate complaint. Enough said about that.

Where Are They Going?

So, we've seen where the company has come from. We've seen what they have to offer. We looked at their reputation. But you can get a better understanding of a company by thinking about their plans for the future as well.

You can expect more metabolic diet programs. That's a given. You can also assume that the existing programs will continue with their popularity. As I said, they work.

Read our pages on Dr. Jade Teta and Dr. Jonny Bowden. They'll continue on with the company, and hopefully, we'll see some more programs from them in the very near future.


So, what's the bottom line on this child of The Sherpa? You'll find some great, effective programs that will get your metabolism where it needs to be in order to lose weight and get healthy. This is no surprise, considering the reputation of Natural Health Sherpa over the years. Are you still curious? Have a gander at their site here.