Dr Jonny Bowden

Who Is Dr Jonny Bowden – Why Should You Care?

Who Is Dr Jonny Bowden

Nowadays, Dr Jonny is an award-winning fitness author, certified personal trainer, master psychologist, diet developer, and a regular on the medical TV show circuit. His diet and exercise programs have helped countless people lose weight and, more importantly, start a healthy lifestyle.

You may have seen him on Dr Oz or on one of his several appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s network. He often calls out the medical establishment on its standard advice, which he claims is out of date and potentially dangerous.

Before He Was A Doctor

Bowden didn’t set out to be a famous doctor and fitness expert. As a music lover, he spent a lot of time at the night clubs in his native Queens. His love of music got him started in his career as a jazz musician. But the negative influences in the clubs set him down a different, darker road. He developed addictions to drugs, alcohol and food.

Jonny started his adult life as a talented and successful musician, but he had some serious problems.

His Education

His personal struggles got him thinking about life. He knew education was key to turning himself around. So he studied the two things that interested him the most, music and psychology. He attended the prestigious Julliard college of music and earned a minor in psychology.

He continued to work as a professional musician while turning that psychology minor into a master’s degree. But his earlier mistakes still haunted him. He had more work to do.

The difficulty in conquering his demons, not the least of which was overeating, made him realize that he must help others to help himself. He dove in head-first, earning five certifications as a personal trainer. As the lives of his clients morphed, so did his. He was winning in his struggle against his addictions, and he was losing weight and transforming his life.

His laser focus on healthy living brought him to Equinox Fitness Training Institute, where he became the dean. This gave him a first-hand look into the lifestyle struggles of countless people just like him. It is at this point that he started seriously scrutinizing conventional medical wisdom.

His research eventually brought him back to university, where he earned his PhD in holistic medicine.

His Work

Dr Jonny is on a mission to teach everyone that true beauty comes from “that organ between your ears.” He talks about personal responsibility and the need to use common sense when confronted with the contemporary medical establishment’s wisdom.

He’s written 12 books so far, with more in the works. He gets the word of the advantages of healthy living out to the masses by regular TV and podcast appearances.

Perhaps the work he is best known for, however, is his hand in creating some revolutionary diet and exercise programs.

Dr Jonny Bowden’s Diets

You probably first heard about Dr Jonny in a diet review. He’s created and helped developed several diets.

He explains keto dieting very well, noting that it has been used as a treatment for childhood epilepsy as well as weight loss.

But perhaps the one thing that the doctor is best known for is Metabolic Factor. It’s part of a revolutionary set of diets available through Metabolic Living. Those who find success with this diet enjoy a new, highly efficient metabolism that helped them lose weight and continues to help them keep it off. Learn more about his metabolic diet here. It explains the program from the beginning, which is the Metabolic Factor quiz, to the end.


I hope you've gotten some inspiration from Dr Jonny's story of transformation. He started out like most of us, that is to say at the start line. He became an expert in healthy living by fixing himself first, then moving on to help others. There is much that can be learned from him, given his expertise in psychology, holistic medicine healthy lifestyles in general.

Dr Jonny is for real. What else do you want to know about him? Ask away in the comments below.